More punk, more drums, more bass – in the new EP Aubtroum by Soukey and Artbabe, the two artists treat the dreamy and sucky worlds filled with heartbreak with dark sounds and infectious beats.

Together they create a multi-dimensional soundscape marked by discord, loss, fairytale wishful thinking and destructive energy.
In Soukey’s pictorial vocals a pressure of suffering spreads, which takes you hypnotizingly oppressive and liberating at the same time into the abysses of relationships.

The title of the EP encompasses the whole songs in terms of content with the image of the fairytale Albs, which lies like a mental burden on the chest of all tracks and runs through the whole EP. Everything seems to be covered by an oppressive and maelstrom-like fog, and yet the beat keeps driving you along.

In 2022, the young rapper won «Demo of the Year» at the M4Music Demo Tape Clinic as well as the Lyrics & Beats category.

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