Dudette plays on various themes from everything to nothing – the main thing is that it’s fun and takes you with it. The songs relate to such boundlessly random themes as Ghosts, Friendship, Fomo and «Make it till you fake it». What deeper, important, earth-shattering meaning all this has is uncertain and up to you. Or maybe it’s just this attitude, which Dudette owns, that makes it so relevant and current?

As already implied by the name, Alexia Thomas is playing the «stupid dudette shit» with this new alias. It’s about creating lightheartedness and fun – cheeky, queer, spontaneous and random – the main thing is not to be too serious. Why not?

The world is open to us – or at least dudette tries to give you this feeling through her sound at least for a short moment.

Musically dudette fuses old-school samples with tech beats, and overlays them with her unique voice-tepich.

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