Alexia Thomas

No clear direction, no smooth edges, no set rules; Alexia Thomas’ music is like the artist herself: open to everything. Art that exists without labels can do anything and doesn’t have to do anything. And that is the basic premise for Alexia’s creative process. What emerges comes from emotion and intuition. Or from a spontaneous thought. Or is simply random. But what always happens and characterizes the works of the musician and music producer: An atmosphere, a mood is created. Mostly it is nostalgic, carrying the listener to distant places. Sometimes she tells strange stories that are perhaps not so strange. Or she simply makes you sad, but also hopeful, without revealing how she does it. With its experimental elements, electronic sounds and English lyrics, Thomas’ music pulls us away from reality and lets us travel to unknown places.  «Neosoul», «alternative R’n’B», «Electronic» up to «poppy» were described.
And as versatile as the perception and interpretation of their songs, so is the target audience. If you’re open to music that doesn’t allow itself to be boxed in by conventions, that moves away from the mainstream, you’ll find what you’re looking for with Alexia Thomas. Press play, take a deep breath and close your eyes. What happens. With her new alias «Dudette», she also ventures into German rap and appropriates the «stupid dude shit».

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