Forcefield Records is a TINFA* collective that focuses on promoting, supporting and accompanying musicians and organizers.

In the Swiss music industry, which is still dominated by patriarchal and colonial structures, there is a lack of projects that try to deconstruct and actively change these patterns. With Forcefield Records we try to combat this tone.

We act as a label, booking and management agency. It is important to us to relieve artists and to accompany them carefully. We are building a network and a community that can support each other in creating music and sound, sharing resources like skills and materials, creating new connections and thus bundling energies.


*TINFA* is a collective term which stands for T for trans people, I for intersex people, N for non-binary people, F for women and A for agender people. The star * stands for all people who are not found in any letter in this labels and are discriminated against by patriarchal structures, which means that they are not cis dya hetero male.