Since 5 years Estelle Plüss (*2002) moves on smaller and bigger stages in Switzerland.
Since 10 years she is fascinated by dialect rap.
For 15 years music has been a priority in her life. First it was concerts for the family and the stage was the TripTrap, today she sings on big stages where hundreds of people watch.

In kindergarten she was already writing pages of lyrics and still today words are her surest connection between inside and outside.
The lyrics of the last 8 years are collected on 3 albums («9iTram», «Kaputt ga mit Stil», «Nikotin Koffein Kaviar»). Meanwhile, after many concerts and 2 years of pandemic, the drive and the inside pressed again.

New lyrics, new words, new melodies. New. After these social breaks, she also wants to break. Break with classic rap, break with Mackertum and break with her previous artist name «best-elle».

Under the new name Alwa Alibi she produced with Simone Gfeller (Simo Saster) the album «Vo müede Fische und stiue Ching».

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